Widest range of support facilities

We offer comprehensive talent-focused capabilities, innovative workforce solutions and global manpower expertise that guarantee measurable results and business success. We work across all industry verticals and take complete responsibility for managing these people's requirements.

Our manpower solutions includes:

Aviation Manpower

We offer complete support solutions - from specialised personnel like forklift operators and aircraft loaders and cleaners to drivers, baggage handlers, etc.

Construction Manpower

Our capabilities cover skilled and semi-skilled personnel for all industries. We provide personalised solutions - project based and longer term contracts.

Hospitality Manpower

We provide highly qualified and trained hospitality personnel such as front office staff, cleaners, housekeepers, chefs and restaurant staff.

Logistics Manpower

We support the logistics industry by providing skilled drivers, warehouse operators, inventory planners and forklift operators.

HR Outsourcing & Payroll

Our services include the management of PRO services, visa and onboarding, passport and visa renewals and end of service management.

Workforce Solutions

We provide professional contract staffing solutions such as visa sponsorship, HR management and employee wellbeing across a wide range of industries.

Our Mission

To lead through innovation and excellence in service.
To be one of the leading consumer and service brands in the region.
To grow organically within our existing zones.
To provide unparalleled service that is effective and efficient.