Widest range of support facilities

We provide complete solutions that meet the gamut of customer needs across all industries. From building maintenance to janitorial services, we guarantee best-in-class services and the highest international facility management standards, technologies and talent. The industries we cover include automotive, industrial, commercial, healthcare, education, entertainment venues, government, hospitality and catering.

Our integrated facility services include:

Building Maintenance

We create a preventive maintenance plan that is designed specifically for each client and property.

Cleaning Facilities

Our services cover all areas from industrial to domestic cleaning and hygiene products to pest control.


Our expertise encompasses design, environmental planning and sustainable infrastructure for a range of projects like parks, hotels, industrial plants, housing and sports complexes.


We can advise, design and deliver a total turnkey project on water treatment, irrigation and landscaping from the design stage to installation and maintenance.

Swimming Pool Maintenance

Our service includes weekly chemical balance, pool vacuuming when required, removing surface debris, emptying skimmer and pump baskets, clearing debris from pool sweep bags and all equipment diagnostic and repair.

Our Mission

To lead through innovation and excellence in service.
To be one of the leading consumer and service brands in the region.
To grow organically within our existing zones.
To provide unparalleled service that is effective and efficient.